The State of Reconciliation in Australia report


Reconciliation Australia is proud to release the State of Reconciliation in Australia report.

The first of its kind since 2000, the Report highlights what has been achieved under the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity, unity, and historical acceptance and makes recommendations on how we can progress reconciliation into the next generation.

Over the last 25 years, Australia has achieved some significant milestones on our reconciliation journey.

These include the establishment of native title, the Apology, the Closing the Gap framework and progress on constitutional recognition of First Australians.

While much goodwill and support for reconciliation is growing across the Australian community, racism, denial of rights, and a lack of willingness to come to terms with our history continue to overshadow the nation’s progress towards reconciliation.

There are still many hard conversations before us.

These conversations are for all Australians to actively commit to and participate in, whether as individuals, or as members of the business, government, education, community or other sectors.

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that one day in the near future, we can say that we are truly reconciled.

Until we achieve reconciliation, Australia will fall short of its full potential as a nation.

See below for the full copy and summary of the State of Reconciliation in Australia report, as well as our Twitter feed to follow or join this vital national conversation.

To also mark this milestone report, a video has been developed to highlight our nation’s history, story, and chapters to come. Watch, share with friends, and lets all join in on the conversation of reconciliation in Australia.

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