Reconciliation starts with the truth

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By comedian Kevin Kropineyri.

My name is Kevin Kropinyeri I am an Aboriginal Comedian from the Ngarrindjeri Nation of the Lower River Murray in South Australia.

Most people know me as a comedian, but first of all I am a husband and a father and I have a sphere of influence that includes my family and community – like we all have.

White Australia needs to deal with the truth about its history and how it’s dealt with the first nations here.  At the same time I’ve dealt with a lot of racism in this country and I wouldn’t be where I am today as a husband, father and successful comedian if I hadn’t learned how to forgive and move forward.

We all have spheres of influence and within them, we need to recognise the truth but also promote forgiveness. A great place to start with reconciliation in this beautiful country of ours, is with the truth!

I believe that we’ve still got a big job ahead of us, but things are headed in the right direction. We all have an active part to play in making that change.




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