Faith and reconciliation

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By Archdeacon Karen Kime.

I’m really excited to be supporting this year’s National Reconciliation Week. It’s a great opportunity for all Australians to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and learn more about reconciliation.

As General Manager of Indigenous services for Anglicare, I am passionate about celebrating our culture within the Church and am committed to finding pathways to leadership positions for Indigenous people.  Anglicare is a wonderful organisation that reaches out to Indigenous communities, no matter where they happen to be!

I’ve always been committed to social justice and working to make a difference. Ministry is such a great way of life and it’s great to see our people begin to take their place as leaders within the Anglican Church. Celebrating our heritage has played a huge role in making the Church a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are welcomed and supported.

This National Reconciliation Week theme is Let’s talk recognition and the week also focuses on how food can bring people together. Food is important to many cultures around the world, and is especially important to our people. As a Minister I’ve seen how food can bring people together, so I’m encouraging everyone to get together over a BBQ or morning tea and talk about recognition.

I believe that ministering and servicing our community is not just up to Aboriginal people, it’s up to all of us. Reconciliation really is everyone’s business.

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