Workplace Ready Program

Many organisations operating across Australia now have well developed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment policies and programs and have been generous enough to share their experiences in order to help other businesses setting out on the same path.

The Workplace Ready Program toolkit is based on those experiences and is written for line managers, human resources managers and supervisors. We have found there is a wealth of support in all sectors of Australian industry for managers and supervisors who want to employ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This toolkit provides examples and insights from organisations that have successfully implemented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment programs, including a series of case studies and input from employers and human resource professionals. The insights apply to organisations of all sizes and in all industries. They show the positive outcomes that can be achieved when managers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders work together to create long-term jobs and strengthen communities.

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Program Modules

The content in the Workplace Ready Program is organised around a number of main themes. With each theme, you have background information and then real-world examples and templates.

I. Laying the foundations

A hallmark of a successful, sustainable Indigenous employment program is solid support from employees at every level of the company.

II. Socially inclusive workplaces

When examining program resources, it is important to understand the starting point. A company needs to know whether it has any Indigenous employees.

III. Recruiting effectively

As a manager or supervisor, you will understand the importance of careful preparation when introducing a new workplace program.

IV. Increasing retention

Successful companies and managers know that when employees stay for the long-term, workplaces are more productive and staff turnover costs are cut.

V. Diversifying your supply chain

Supplier diversity aims to increase the opportunity for businesses owned by people from minority or marginalised groups to supply their goods and services to public and private sector organisations.