Symposium report highlights the power of truth-telling

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In October 2018, Reconciliation Australia and The Healing Foundation brought together experts from around the country for a Truth Telling Symposium. The findings, relfections, and recommendations from the Symposium have now been gathered in a new report on truth-telling in Australia

The aim of the Truth Telling Symposium was to investigate, foster, and share ways truth-telling can support healing and reconciliation in Australia, focusing on:

  • the importance of truth-telling
  • truths that need to be told
  • different truth-telling practices that might be applicable to Australia
  • guiding principles for future truth telling processes.

Participants shared knowledge and experiences of truth-telling, developing a fuller understanding of what truth-telling ought to look like in the Australian context, and how individuals and communities can safely and respectfully explore truth-telling initiatives.

Delegates discussed the current environment, identified opportunities to progress truth telling and engage different stakeholders, and explored opportunities for ongoing work, engagement, and collaboration.

To learn more about truth-telling, the findings of the Symposium, and how they may be applied in the Australian context, read the Truth Telling Symposium Report.

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