Submitting to the Freedom of Speech in Australia Inquiry

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Reconciliation Australia objects to any reforms to the RDA that weaken protections against racial vilification, specifically amendment or removal of sections 18C and/or 18D, and we encourage all those who wish to contribute to reconciliation further to make a submission in step with this position.

Key submission resources:

Reconciliation Australia’s snapshot of the essential facts on the RDA, Get the facts: The Racial Discrimination Act.

You can find Reconciliation Australia’s submission to the 2014 inquiry into proposed amendments to the RDA here.

Reconciliation Australia recently indicated its position with 17 other organisations in the form of an open letter, authored by the Human Rights Law Centre.

Useful information about sections 18C and 18D of the RDA can be found on the AHRC’s website.

Racism is a serious and escalating problem. This is demonstrated by recent research, including our Australian Reconciliation Barometer 2014, and the Scanlon Foundation’s Mapping Social Cohesion Report 2016.

Information regarding the AHRC’s complaints handing procedure can be found here.

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