Reconciliation Action Plans

Help for selecting the correct Industry Sub-Type

Need help selecting your correct Industry Sub-Type?

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Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Education Body for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned and/or governed education organisations, including national peak bodies such as SNAICC as well as more localised bodies such as Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups.
Early Childhood Education Service Provider (Umbrella Organisation) for umbrella organisations that govern multiple early learning services
Education Association for various forms of education associations, councils or alliances, such as Principals Associations, Disciplinary Associations , Parent Councils and volunteer organisations.
Education Research Institute for research institutions focused on education.
Education Resource Provider for organisations that develop education resources and materials, and/or from which education resources and materials can be procured.
Education Union for legal units that from advisory and advocacy support to the education workforce.
Faith-based Education Organisation for organisations in the education sector that are guided and/or governed by Faith-based principles.
National Education Sector for national government, catholic and independent Education bodies.
Other Tertiary Education Provider for tertiary residential colleges, specific disciplinary schools/colleges
State-based Education Sector for state/territory-based government, catholic and independent Education bodies
Statutory Authority for teacher accreditation bodies, curriculum authorities and/or regulatory authorities, including national bodies such as ASQA, ACARA, AITSL and ATRA, as well as state-based bodies such as NESA, TQI, Victorian Institute of Teaching, Queensland College of Teachers, and Teacher Registration Boards of the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.
TAFE/VET Provider for RTOs such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) bodies, as well as other Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers.
University for public, private and international Universities based in Australia