Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPS) creating transformative social change: Reconciliation Australia

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From Australia’s biggest corporates to not-for-profit and government organisations, the RAP community is a diverse and fast growing collective of organisations from all sectors turning their good intentions towards reconciliation into real action.

Today, more than three million Australians work or study in an organisation that has developed a RAP.

“Across Australia, RAPs realise a clear framework for meaningful change, ensuring that organisations take significant and practicable steps to foster a genuine commitment to reconciliation”, said Justin Mohamed, CEO of Reconciliation Australia.

RAPs advance social change by transforming attitudes and behaviours, and in turn, progress reconciliation in workplaces and communities across Australia.

Recent research from Reconciliation Australia finds that where RAPs are implemented, there is higher trust, lower prejudice, and more positive attitudes towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Crucially, some 3 in 4 RAP employees say they have high trust for their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, compared with 1 in 4 people in the general community.

“Where goodwill is met with practical outcomes, we see real progress in our nation’s journey towards reconciliation,” Mr Mohamed added. “By improving relationships, respect and opportunities in practical and meaningful ways today, we move closer to realising a reconciled, just and equitable Australia tomorrow.”

Reconciliation Australia is the lead body on reconciliation in the nation. To learn more about the Reconciliation Action Plan program, visit

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