RAP reporting

Annual reporting on your organisation’s RAP is an important part of the RAP program. It is a minimum element of every RAP and helps us to measure the collective impact of the RAP program, which is release in our RAP Impact Measurement Report each year.

Your nominated RAP contact will receive information in August on submitting a RAP Impact Measurement Questionnaire online.  The Report template will come to you as an online form which will need to be completed and submitted by 30 September. In preparation for completing and submitting your annual report, download the RAP reporting guide to get an idea of what data you need to collect for your online RAP Impact Measurement Questionnaire.

In addition to reporting to Reconciliation Australia, we strongly encourage all organisations to produce a public report. This could take the form of a stand-alone publication, publishing the information on your website or as part of your annual report.

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