Create change in 2020 | Racism. It Stops With Me

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Create change in 2020 | “Racism. It Stops With Me”

A renewed focus on racial equality has been ignited in 2020 with #BlackLivesMatter protests and COVID-related racism prompting all Australians to ask, ‘how can we help make change?’

Reconciliation Australia is a proud partner of the relaunched, RACISM. IT STOPS WITH ME campaign from the Australian Human Rights Commission.

RACISM. IT STOPS WITH ME provides tools and resources to help people and organisations learn about racism and stand against it by acting for positive change.

Check out Reconciliation Australia’s Factsheet for how to learn more about racism, respond effectively when racism occurs, be a good ally, and act for positive change.

All of us can say no to prejudice.

All of us can take a stand against discrimination.

Racism. It Stops With Me.

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