Alex Dyson’s Super Dooper Music Profile #2

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As well as being dubbed “one of the nicest guys ever” by me, Dan Sultan has also been called “the contemporary Aussie Elvis” and “Sex on Legs”. His 2009 release Get Out While You Can got him a whole new legion of fans, as has his electrifying live performances. Dan’s also a handy footy player, captaining the Rock Dogs and Western Walers in the Reclink Community Cup AFL matches. Oh, and he also starred in the film Bran Nue Dae. What a champ!

Tell us about the first time you picked up an instrument?

I was very young and it was a guitar. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I still do.

Who do you look up to musically?

Pretty much everyone in the Black Arm Band and in a broader sense, early day rockin’ rollers. A lot of those people paved the way and inspired many other musicians, writers and artists.

How do you think your culture affects your sound?

I don’t know how. I know where I come from on both sides of my family and I’m proud of my heritage, but I don’t know how it affects my sound. I guess everything affects it in some way.

If your music was a scrumptious meal, what would it be?

Something comforting but quite spicy with a lot of kick and flavour. Probably not for everyone’s taste!

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