The Marruk Project

2014 winner

Category B – non-incorporated projects 


“Marruk is about celebrating diversity and creating a space where the community can come together to learn about each other’s cultural differences.” Angela Frost, The Marruk Project Manager

The Marruk Project takes a unique and exciting approach to connecting all members of its local community in the regional Victorian town of Swan Hill. It uses performing arts to strengthen culture and create opportunities for elders, young people, artists and cultural leaders to get to know each other by sharing their histories.

Through acting, puppetry, dance, live music and video, the project not only raises cross-cultural awareness but develops the skills of participating performers. The group started with Aboriginal performers and now involves non-Indigenous people from the Swan Hill community, including Afghan and Sudanese refugees.

Marruk connects people to culture through creative productions, empowers individuals and keeps age-old dreaming stories alive.

“One of the unique things about this project is its ability to bring the whole town together. It’s what we should be seeing across the world. We need things like this to co-exist—to build understanding. To actually witness it bringing the town together is something that’s almost beyond belief.” – Mick Dodson, IGA Chair