Muntjiltjarra Wurrgumu Group

2014 highly commended

Category B – non-incorporated projects 


“The group’s work shows what can be achieved if we are willing to work with Indigenous people, as they too want to contribute to the wider community without giving up their cultural values.” Eddie Cubillo, IGA judge

Led and developed by Martu people under the Wiluna Regional Partnership Agreement, the Muntjiltjarra Wurrgumu Group has established itself as an important voice at the decision making table. It is helping to break down communication barriers between the local Aboriginal community, industry and government agencies. Driver licensing, a lack of personal identification cards, schooling, racism and employment opportunities are some of the issues the group tackles on a regular basis.

In 2013, the group designed and delivered a unique baseline survey to understand what local community members thought so they could share their story with government and industry. The survey’s results are now driving the group’s work and spurred Rosslyn Hill Mining to run its own pilot project to provide future employment opportunities in the mine for the local community.

Muntjiltjarra Wurrgumu Group has been designed, created and delivered with complete ownership of local Aboriginal people, giving local people greater control over how external agencies and industry work with the local community.

“This is a really good model of people themselves talking to their own people and coming up with the solution of how to approach some very, very tricky issues in the bush.” – Maggie Kavanagh, Wiluna Regional Partnership Agreement Coordinator